The Browns losing may be making you fat

The Browns losing may be making you fat

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Browns are 0-8 this season, and, according to a new study from Psychological Science, their losses may be contributing to your gut.

The study shows that people living in cities whose NFL teams lose on Sunday tend to eat more calories and fatty foods the following Monday. Results showed that people in cities whose team lost ate 16 percent more saturated fat and 10 percent more calories, while people in cities whose team won ate nine percent less saturated fat and five percent fewer calories.

Researchers hypothesized that people overate as a coping mechanism as a team loss, while they used a team win to motivate themselves and boost their self control.

"[Overeating] doesn't work to fix anything, but at least it makes us feel better for a second," said Dr. Joseph Rock, a psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic who was not one of the researchers on the study. "When we're feeling uncomfortable we're not thinking about what's going to happen in a month. We're thinking about 'I'm feeling crummy today and I want that to change.'"

With many predicting that the Browns could go 0-16 this season, its important to take steps to prevent the team's losses from leading to your gains.

"Just realize you're likely to do some things that aren't going to be great for you tomorrow if your team loses," Rock said. "Be aware of that. Realize you're going to eat too much, and don't pack some of the unhealthy stuff so you won't have it at your desk tomorrow."

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