Akron police chase leads to $1 million cocaine bust

Akron police chase leads to $1 million cocaine bust

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - A police chase in Akron this week led to a $1 million cocaine bust.

When Akron police tried to stop a suspected drug dealer, they said he drove away. The attempted traffic stop took place near Kenmore Avenue and 16th Street.

A chase involving Ohio's Highway Patrol ensued. Police said the man crashed and fled on foot, eventually jumping off a 30-foot high overpass. Officers caught up to him.

They found 11.2 kilograms of cocaine in his car worth an estimated $1 million. The suspect was taken to the hospital, treated for minor injuries and released into custody. He was arrested and charged. Akron Police Chief James Nice said the quantity of drugs seized indicates it was intended for distribution.

"Probably came from another city probably came from a drug hub probably came from a significant drug trafficker this is probably a major trafficker in Akron.  I would think a serious major trafficker in Akron, so the next step will be outside the city to see where this is coming from," said Chief Nice.

"This seizure is a major upset to the supply of illegal drugs in our city and the region. And while it will not eliminate our community's struggle with the drug epidemic, it demonstrates the key role that smart, targeted law enforcement efforts play in the eradication of devastating drugs, like cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl from our neighborhoods," said Mayor Daniel Horrigan.

The bust came down thanks to a new police department special unit set up to stem the flood of cocaine and other drugs into Akron by monitoring known drug areas, the chief said. "With the amount of deaths and the amount of hints going on we just had to prioritize and do something differently."

More than drugs were found in the car, a 40 caliber Glok handgun with an extended clip was also taken.  For now the name of the suspect isn't being released as the hope is others can be identified and rounded up.

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