FAA issues groundstop for flights coming into Cleveland

FAA issues groundstop for flights coming into Cleveland

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - What happens when dozens of private jets descend on Cleveland from Chicago and the rest of the country for Game 7 of the World Series? The airspace becomes so jammed that, according to an official with Delta Airlines, the FAA puts a groundstop on all flights.

There was actually a snowball effect that made several people hours late getting into Cleveland.

It started when too many private planes were on the ground at Burke Lakefront Airport in downtown.

According to a spokesman at Burke, they had to close the airport until some of the private jets left the tarmac.

That meant all overflow air traffic was diverted to Cleveland Hopkins and you had a lot of planes in the air trying to land. It was at that point that the FAA had to step in and put a ground stop at Hopkins.

For some passengers, and Cubs fans, they were at least an hour delayed.

There were already delays coming out of Chicago because of afternoon storms. Planes from Chicago were still waiting to land when the Cubs had taken the
early lead at Progressive Field.


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