Here are the certified write-in candidates for president in Ohio

Here are the certified write-in candidates for president in Ohio
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - With record low approval numbers for presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, some voters are considering casting their ballot for a third party or write-in candidate.

Ohio Governor John Kasich did just that last week when he wrote-in John McCain instead of the Republican nominee. However, casting a vote for McCain (or Mike Pence, as some anti-Trump Republicans have suggested, or Bernie Sanders, as some anti-Clinton Democrats have suggested) will actually invalidate your vote.

In Ohio, only votes for certified write-in candidates will count. Here is a list of certified write-in candidates and their running mates in Ohio:

  • James Jerome Bell & Scheem Milton Hempstead
  • Michael Bickelmeyer & Robert Young
  • Darrell L. Castle & Scott N. Bradley
  • Cherunda Fox & Roger Kushner
  • Ben Hartnell & Dave Marshall
  • Tom Hoefling & Steve Schulin
  • Bruce E. Jaynes & Roger W. Stewart
  • Chris Keniston & Deacon Taylor
  • Barry Kirschner & Rick Menefield
  • Laurence Kotlikoff & Edward Leamer
  • Joseph Maldonado & Douglas Terranova
  • Michael Andrew Maturen & Juan Antonio Munoz
  • Evan McMullin & Nathan Johnson
  • Monica Moorehead & Lamont Lilly
  • Joe Schriner & Joe Moreaux
  • Mike Smith & Daniel White
  • Josiah R. Stroh & Paul Callahan
  • Douglas W. Thomson & Thomas A. Ducro, Jr.

A write-in candidate's name must be spelled correctly or else the ballot might be invalidated.

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