LeBron James: 'The Indians did a 'hell of a' job' (video)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - After the Cleveland Cavaliers practice Thursday, LeBron James talked to reporters and expressed once again how proud he was of the Cleveland Indians.

"I think the Indians did a 'hell of a' job doing it this year and probably come back much better next year as well," LeBron James said. "The result is definitely not what I wanted and not what the city wanted, as a fan as the extra innings in a World Series Game 7, it can't get any better than that."

Despite having lost, LeBron made sure to acknowledge the Cubs, saying he knows the win was just as important to their fans as it would have been for ours.

"I mean you look at the long drought the Cubs went through, you [look] at ours, our city, uhmm its just a great time in sports for two mid-western cities you know especially being in Chicago, being in Cleveland its good for the fan base," he said. "It's just a great time for sports right now, being able to witness these droughts being...being ended."

LeBron said like any other sport, the Indians can learn from their loss.

"Obviously I'm there as a support for the Indians last night and as a fan of the World Series but as an athlete you have to just build off of it and try to get some inspiration from what you were able to accomplish and see if there's an opportunity and ways to get better. You look at the game last night, it's an unbelievable game. It's probably one of the best Game 7's in any sports that we've seen in a long time and both teams will try to get better and be better for next season," LeBron added. "That's probably the worst thing about sports is that when you have such an epic game one team has to lose. It would have been great for both sides if the game was just called off, six-six and both of them get the trophy but sports, it's a beautiful thing."

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