LeBron James t-shirt: Cleveland or Nowhere

LeBron James t-shirt: Cleveland or Nowhere
Everybody wants a 'Cleveland or Nowhere' t-shirt. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - There were some good things that happened at Wednesday night's World Series Game 7 for Cleveland.

That includes the Cavaliers LeBron James displaying his love for our city. His show of love for the city by his cheering is one to remember, even more so though, his shirt.

It's so simple. It reads 'Cleveland or Nowhere' which says so much to many.

"This is where it's happening," said Bob Bodi.

"I'm gonna get me one...Cleveland or Nowhere. If you don't live in Cleveland you don't live nowhere," Charles Hale said.

It's been big talk on social media from the moment LeBron was captured on camera for the world to see it. Even those who aren't so sports minded taking note, like Tonya Stoudermire, "We have everything the water, the weather, the people, we have everything...it says everything."

The slogan comes from a creative agency called Knowlita which began the concept with a New York or Nowhere, then Los Angeles or Nowhere, Paris or Nowhere. Who'd have thought Cleveland would be next in the exclusive apparel line.

So, the question is where do you get the shirt?

Saks Fifth Avenue doesn't have them at their stores, but, they say you can order on line through their website.

The company that makes them "Knowlita," at last check shows them sold out.

Looking like LeBron James started another trend. Imagine that!

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