Stark County school district's teachers strike enters 3rd day

Stark County school district's teachers strike enters 3rd day

LOUISVILLE, OH (WOIO) - Sights, sounds, and signs of discontent filled Louisville, Ohio for a third day Friday.

Makayla Davis is in 10th grade at Louisville High School. She feels the teachers strike is a disaster.

"I went in there two of the days, I ended up leaving early," she said. "They treat it as a joke."

Davis is among the students not in class Friday because the adults are talking to each other about resolving a fact finder's recommendation. She says very little, if any, learning is taking place in her classroom.

"We just sat there on our phones in a lot of the classes. From the first day of classes, I walked in there, she didn't even know what class she was teaching," Davis said.

Makayla is not the only student who's not where she's supposed to be on a normal day at Louisville schools. Griffin Laubache is also walking the picket line with the striking teachers.

In the whole district, there are 180 educators.

"In chemistry we had a substitute who has a degree in physics and counseling and he's teaching chemistry and he hasn't had chemistry since high school," Laubache said. "He said he's going to learn with us."

Shannon Benson is a concerned parent who started a parent group called Leopard Advisory Council.

"Our original goal was to prevent this from happening, but now it has happened, so now we're trying to make sure that all the kids are safe, that all the kids are protected and that we can put an end to this," she said. "As soon as that happens, the kids can continue to get the excellent education they've always gotten in Louisville."

That is the stated goal of all the parties involved, but no new talks are scheduled to resolve the impasse over clarifying language in a fact finder's recommendation.

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