Lakewood residents hope to overturn council's hospital decision

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - Lakewood City Council voted to close the city's hospital in December, but residents are looking to fight that vote with a vote of their own on Tuesday.

Councilors voted for the closure so the facility could be replaced by a Cleveland Clinic Health Center. But now, people in the community are rallying to overturn that decision by voting against issue 64 on Tuesday's ballot.

The group of Lakewood residents campaigning against issue 64 say the hospital was one of the largest employers in the area, plus they argue it's difficult for people who can't get around to find nearby healthcare.

Lakewood's City Council made a deal with Cleveland Clinic to replace the city's full service hospital with an urgent care center and emergency room.

Those against issue 64 say their community needs a better deal.

"The hospital is worth $150 million -- or more -- and it was given away for $22 million. And it was a city asset," claims Brian Essi, a volunteer for the group against issue 64.


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