Cubs fan assaulted after Game 7 says he wants to see an arrest

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It was the punch that made thousands gasp around the world - an ugly surfacing of deep seeded feelings of disappointment and anger after the Indians lost Game 7 of the World Series to the Chicago Cubs.

Alan Anderson, a Cubs fan who was on Ontario Avenue celebrating after his team's historic win, was knocked unconscious by what appeared to be an Indians fan.  The assault was captured on a cellphone video that went viral. At least one eyewitness reported that Anderson was taunting the Indians fan who hit him.

WATCH HERE: Indians fan knocks Cubs fan out cold

Today, Anderson's attorney, Antonio Romanucci of Romanucci & Blandin, a law firm in Chicago, released a statement saying that Anderson wants justice and that he will pursue criminal action. Romanucci also said he wanted to clear up some misinformation that's been circulating about the assault.

"He was being peaceful. He was not the aggressor," said Romanucci in a Face time interview.

It had been reported that an eyewitness had said that Anderson got mouthy and told the unidentified Indians fan to go ahead and punch him.

"I never heard Alan say to punch me. Alan denies ever saying that he wanted to be punched," said Romanucci.

Romanucci says he expects to talk to Cleveland Police on Monday. Cleveland Police said on Sunday, there were no updates in this case.

"He's badly swollen. His eyes are black and blue. Both sides of his head are clearly affected - one by the punch and the other by falling on the ground. So, he's not doing well," added Romanucci.

Romanucci says Anderson is hoping the person who knocked him out cold will come forward or be caught.

"I think that people who have seen this video know who this person is. I think that right now they are protecting him. Too many people have seen this video," said Romanucci, "we're asking for the person to come forward, and let's take care of this legally."

Romanucci also said that he thought the whole incident may have been a set up for a stunt to be posted on a website that shows people being knocked out.

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