Issue 64: Is the battle to save Lakewood Hospital over?

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - Save Lakewood Hospital says getting rid of the local hospital is a bad idea and for months they have been fighting that battle.

Sunday night City Council spoke and said it's time to move on. Issue 64 is on the the ballot.

Last December Lakewood City Council voted unanimously to close Lakewood Hospital. This decision made way for the Cleveland Clinic to open up a $34 million family health center with an emergency room.

Lakewood residents hope to overturn council's hospital decision

The decision has been made. Issue 64 does not cancel the deal.

"A vote against 64 will not reopen Lakewood Hospital and will not reopen a contract that has been signed for almost a year and has been executed from the transfer of property through the demolition of the building," said Sam O'Leary with Lakewood City Council.

Group fights to save Lakewood Hospital

For all practical purposes Lakewood Hospital is gone and State Representative Nickie Antonio says the fight to Save Lakewood hospital needs to end.

"The people of the City of Lakewood had voted before. The trusted the decision of City Council and the administration to go forward with this plan," added State Representative Nickie Antonio.

The plan says City Council will not to rid the city of health facility, but to better utilize the space that is here and that the hospital was losing money. The Cleveland Clinic opening their facility offers a state of the art facility that will better serve the community. Antonio says residents should let go of the past.

"It's time for the city of Lakewood to move forward, a vote for Issue 64 moves the entire city forward -- it's time," Antonio said.


Unanimous vote by council to close Lakewood Hospital

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