Voting records show LeBron James performs his civic duty

Voting records show LeBron James performs his civic duty

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - LeBron James is one of the many celebrities who get involved in elections.

He introduced Hillary Clinton on Sunday at a rally in Cleveland and urged voters to get to the polls.

A viewer emailed Cleveland 19 News a tip that James hasn't voted since the 2008 election. We didn't think that could be accurate, so to eliminate any question about his voting record, investigative reporter Carl Monday checked and learned James does indeed perform his civic duty.

When James talks, people listen. That's why his get-out-the-vote message carries a lot of weight.

"I was one of those kids, and I was around a community that was like, 'Our vote doesn't matter.' But it really does," he said this week. "It really, really does."

On the basketball court, James puts his money where his mouth is. But what about the voting booth? At the Cavs practice facility, LeBron told reporters he voted absentee in Tuesday's election.

Voting records we checked show he did request an absentee ballot.

Records reflect that James also voted absentee in Summit County back in 2008. But in 2012, he wasn't living in summit county. He had already moved his talents to Miami as a member of the Heat.

In response to that viewer email, we checked the Miami-Dade County elections board website. Sure enough, there's no record that James voted in any election down in Florida.

To be sure, we talked by phone with a Miami-Dade County election worker.

It turns out, James voted absentee in 2012 in Summit County. The ballot was mailed to one of his handlers Randy Mims. But for whatever reason, the elections board didn't receive his completed ballot until three weeks after the November election.

To make every vote count, as James learned, you've got to beat the buzzer and get it in on time.

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