Ohio Senate Race: Strickland VS. Portman

Ohio Senate Race: Strickland VS. Portman
Former Gov. Ted Strickland. (Source: WOIO)
Ohio Senator Rob Portman. (Source: WOIO)
Ohio Senator Rob Portman. (Source: WOIO)

COLUMBUS, OH (WOIO) - The Ohio U.S. Senate race between Democrat Ted Strickland and Republican Rob Portman is getting a lot of attention and has been, not so much for what's being said in the ads, but, for the lack of ads at least from Strickland.

The former Ohio Governor says he just didn't have the money his opponent has and thought it best to hold off on his big TV ads until the final days.

The two have made their differences clear, among them: Strickland is pro-choice, Portman is anti-abortion. Strickland reportedly favors some gun control, Portman is said to be against it.

Portman has also gone after Strickland by saying he was ineffective during his days as Governor. Strickland fires back that Portman isn't in touch with real Ohioans.

While polls statewide reportedly show Portman in the lead, Strickland is holding onto hope knowing he's the underdog, that there will be a surprise in the end.

The latest Huffington Post poll shows Portman with 53.8% of the vote versus Strickland with 37.6%.

Earlier this fall, the former Ohio Governor knew he was falling behind but believed he would come back because he believes Ohioans know that he understands Ohio's plight better than anyone.

He has been attacked by his opponent for draining the rainy day fund while governor of the Buckeye State. He defends himself by saying that was his way of saving Ohio and avoiding having to raise taxes during a time when the rest of the country was in a serious recession. He also boasts that by the time he was done in office, Ohio had the fifth-top growing economy in the country.

Portman was first elected to the U.S. Senate in November 2010. Before that, from 1993 to 2005, Portman represented Ohio's second congressional district in the house. He boasts about how not only does he know how to help our economy recover but he also has big plans for fighting the heroin epidemic.

Portman originally endorsed presidential candidate Donald Trump but has since rescinded that endorsement.


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