Z Files: Should LeBron sit at home or on the road?

Z Files: Should LeBron sit at home or on the road?

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - I don't know what it is about playing in Indianapolis, but when it comes to Cavs and Pacers, LeBron "isn't" playing in Indy. He sat again on Wednesday
night, the third straight time he's sat out a game in that town since coming back to the Cavaliers.

And that's only one of the reasons the critics were upset.

The other? LeBron was resting just 11 games into the season. My old friend and colleague Bob Kravitz, formerly of the Rocky Mountain News and now with WTHR.com in Indy, started his column with this on Thursday night:

The wussification of America is complete now. It was bad enough during the baseball postseason when managers started yanking productive starting
pitchers after five innings, or when relievers hit the 30-pitch mark and broadcasters breathlessly wondered how -- oh, HOW! -- that reliever might come back the next evening and, you know, do the job he's paid millions to do. Now, though, we have LeBron James sitting out the 11th game of the regular season. The 11th. Not the 56th. Not the 71st. The 11th.

Kravitz talked about the good ol' days, when star players would never sit out a game, at least until late in the season after they'd already locked
up a playoff berth. Michael Jordan, for one, almost never sat, and he certainly had a lot of playoff miles on him.

Kravitz went on to write about another group that was upset: Pacers fans, who never get to see LeBron play. My take? It's a raw deal for the fans, especially the young kids, but given the choice between resting at home or resting on the road, I believe LeBron should rest on the road. The Cavs fans, the ones who invest heavily in his salary, deserve to see him play more.

As for that other group that's upset, the ticket brokers whose prices plummet when 23 sits out: LeBron owes them nothing.

The only people he really owes are his coaches (this was Ty Lue's call), his teammates, and his fans. And he's been delivering to them pretty well.

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