Cleveland Browns' coaches, players were set up to fail

Cleveland Browns' coaches, players were set up to fail

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - I'm tempted to grade Jimmy Haslam for this week's Browns report card, but then again, the fans were already doing that Sunday, screaming to the owner from the stands that they want their money back.

And besides, his ultimate grade can't be given yet. He's locked into this new regime -- he simply can't blow it up again.

It'd be easy to grade the coaches, starting with Hue Jackson, whose name is already attached to the longest losing streak in Browns history, and is in danger of having a historic 0-16 on his Wikipedia page for the rest of his life, but he's playing the hand he's been dealt.

Yes, he wanted Cody Kessler, but not on the field now.

Kessler is over-matched for many reasons. We can hammer him for not getting rid of the ball or not having the arm strength when he does, but he wasn't part of the 2016 plan.

The guys up front on the offensive line? They've already collected enough "F's" this season to last a lifetime. But they weren't the ones who blew this group up and let the best center in football (as well as one of the top right tackles) walk away. Even left tackle Joe Thomas, who's been playing at a first-ballot Hall of Fame level for 10 years, called out his superiors yesterday saying you have to lie in the bed you make.

The bed, er, roster they made featured 14 rookies this week, only one of whom was noticeable on Sunday. Yes, Corey Coleman is a young gun making an impact. And believe it or not, so is Danny Shelton, who may be coming into his own in his second year a pro, returning a little nastiness by shoving Big Ben to the ground Sunday.

But there's really only one grade to give, and that's to the front office.

They insist the culture has changed, which is great in meeting rooms, but on the field the Browns still look like little kids getting beat up the schoolyard bully, and that bully continues to be the Steelers. Long-term, there's no way to know if this will work out. But short-term, these coaches and players were set up to fail.

Still, the only "F" you'll find at this point belonged to the guys upstairs.

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