WR Terrelle Pryor one of few bright spots in Browns' week 12 loss to Giants

WR Terrelle Pryor one of few bright spots in Browns' week 12 loss to Giants

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - If only we had access to a proven winner who's turned football programs around before.

Jim Tressel has made the grade, more than a few times, and he spent Sunday afternoon watching his former quarterback do the same. Terrelle Pryor has obviously become the Browns' best receiver, and he had a couple of messages for Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins, who took a shot at Pryor before the game.

The first message: six catches for 131 yards.

The second message? That came after the game, after Jenkins fired out a crude, derogatory tweet about Pryor. Terrelle's response tweet? "You are a great corner. Solid defender! You played a solid game. God Bless !! Good luck rest of year."

On the field and off, Pryor takes home an A.

But he's the only one.

Corey Coleman showed another flash of brilliance, notably a sweet move on his 21-yard touchdown, but the No. 1 pick needs to be more involved.

I'm giving Coleman a B.

The defense also showed up on Sunday. Chris Kirksey was in on 10 tackles, and Brien Boddy-Calhoun looks like a keeper. Sure, they gave up a couple of touchdowns to Odell Beckham, Jr., but that only puts them in a pretty big club. Overall, they gave the Browns a chance to win.

I'm giving the defense a B, though I've got to call out Jamie Collins on that first Beckham touchdown. How about a little hustle? You're playing for a contract next year -- if not here, somewhere.

Right now, though, Collins is cashing in on an F.

The biggest problem, of course, is the offensive line, a group that couldn't afford to lose another body. So naturally, in the third quarter, they lost another body. Before John Greco went down, they'd given up two sacks. After John Greco went down, they gave up five more. Can't blame them for injuries, but they weren't exactly churning out the yardage before -- 58 yards rushing?

I'm giving the offensive line another F.

And hey, Crow -- I appreciate the extra effort, but hold onto the football. Your second-quarter fumble immediately led to a Giants touchdown.

I'm feeding running back Isaiah Crowell a D.

As for the head coach, I've said it too many times to count -- he deserves better. Hue Jackson didn't suddenly forget how to coach. I still don't like settling for a field goal just before the half when you're 0-11 and down 14-3, but he knows the pulse of his team far better than we do, and he's doing everything he can to put points on the board.

Though it hasn't been enough for 12 weeks (and it's a results-oriented business), there's a lot at play here.

So I'm giving coach a C.

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