Heat restored at Cleveland Police HQ months after union president said it broke

Heat restored at Cleveland Police HQ months after union president said it broke
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Heat in the Second District police headquarters has been restored, months after the police union president told us it first broke.

On Friday, Sgt. Steve Loomis, the union president, released pictures showing what he claimed were thermometer readouts in different parts of the Second District building. Loomis said the pictures reflect temperatures below freezing in the locker room at the building. Pictures also show office temperatures ranging from 53 to 63 degrees.

Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia, the spokesperson for the police department, confirmed Monday that heat had been restored.

City spokesman Dan Williams said Friday that crews had been working to rebuild the heating unit at the Second District for several weeks and have been repairing and replacing parts.

"It was not a last-minute repair," said Williams Friday, when asked why it wasn't started earlier and whether the city knew the process would take several weeks. "When they assessed the repairs it was begun immediately."

Loomis wrote a letter to public safety director Michael McGrath.

In it, he stated officers had to use personal space heaters to heat the building. Loomis said the use of these space heaters was putting a burden on the electrical systems in the building, causing blown circuits. He says this could potentially cause damage to sensitive police equipment, including the systems used to download body camera footage.

Full text of the letter to McGrath:

Dear Safety Director McGrath,

It was brought to our attention last June the two boilers at the Second District were badly in need of repair. This issue was brought to the city's attention then. As of December 9th, 2016, there has been no heat to the entire building provided by the city.
Individual officers are using their personal space heaters to heat the entire building. The use of these space heaters is putting an undue load on decades old electric circuits which is leading to blown fuses and damaged electrical boxes. The additional load on these circuits creates spikes and lulls in the transmission lines which may potentially damage sensitive and critical equipment such as computers, routers, printers and WCS docking equipment used to charge and download body cameras.
Director, it is extremely disappointing the healthy working conditions of our members are given such an extremely low priority by the city. The health hazards to our members working in 29-59 degree environments for this length of time are significant and extreme. It is even more disappointing that if these conditions existed in any of the city jails, they would have been corrected immediately regardless of cost or politics. We demand the city immediately treat our police officers in the same manner as it treats our prisoners by immediately restoring heat in the Second District.
Please call with any questions or updates. I have attached several photos of thermometers indicating time, date, and temperature of various locations in the district.

Warmest Regard,
Detective Steve Loomis

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