'Crow' takes home only decent grade in this week's Browns report card

'Crow' takes home only decent grade in this week's Browns report card

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Let me start with a question: what, exactly did the Browns work on during that extra week? They came out flat, were on their heels early, and weren't exactly on the same page.

Coach Hue Jackson: D

Coach did try to get creative with a second quarter flea-flicker, but even that blew up in his face, ending with an interception. As for his clock management in the fourth quarter, it was, well, unimpressive (with no sense or urgency). Jackson's been saying for 13 weeks: "It's on me." Not everything, coach, but getting worse by the week? That is.

RG3: F

It's pretty tough to find anything positive about the quarterback as well. It's not just the numbers (12 of 28, 104 yards, a rating of 38), it's how brutally inaccurate he was. And with the Browns still alive, midway through the fourth, well, RG3 found Gino Atkins ... twice ... getting sacked on back to back plays, rather than finding a receiver.

Isaiah Crowell: A

That's all too bad, because RG3 had some help from his running back, at least. They finally fed the Crow in the second half, and he delivered, racking up 113 yards on only 10 carries. Imagine if they'd gone to him earlier?

Defense: D

I'd love to give the defense a good grade, if only because of two players. Jamie Collins was everywhere, with 13 solo tackles and a sack. And Emmanuel Ogbah, the second-round pick? He racked up 1.5 sacks. But when you give up 213 yards rushing, you're not good, and you're never going to win.

Organization overall: F

Finally, let's go to the top. This organization has become a national joke. The irony is, they're going to take this show on the road? Train in Columbus? Play in London? Excellent! Give those fans a taste of this stuff. Fans here have had enough.

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