Week 15 Browns report card: What's left to say?

Week 15 Browns report card: What's left to say?

BUFFALO, NY (WOIO) - What's left to say after yet another double-digit loss (their ninth in the past 11 games)?

The Browns can say all they want about changing the culture, but my analytics show that this team has gotten worse -- much worse -- as this march to imperfection continues.

RG3: D

Let's start with the quarterback. I was pulling for RG3. I really thought he still had it in him. But the only thing his return has shown is that the legs are still strong, and he's tougher than we thought, taking a huge hit and bouncing back up.

But the arm? Still inaccurate. The decisions? Sometimes baffling.

He's not the answer, but look at the bright side: we actually know that four months before the draft.

RG takes home a "D."

Defense: F

Of course, RG doesn't play defense. Come to think of it, neither does anyone else.

The Browns gave up 280 yards rushing to the Bills, 10 times what Isaiah Crowell racked up, including 153 to LeSean McCoy. McCoy is good, but overall, the Bills aren't. Their wheels fell off weeks ago -- until they ran into the Browns, at which point they turned into a Ferrari again.

This defense can't keep the Browns in games, much less win one --  I'm dishing out an "F."

Coach: D

As for Hue Jackson, well, it's easy to mock the small stuff, like struggling to find his challenge flag, but that's silly. There are bigger issues here, and while most of the blame for this mess belongs high above him, they're still a team that's regressing on the field. Jackson's out of answers, at least until he builds a better roster.

The best I can do is a "D."

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