Security expert, to homeowners: Don't make it easy for intruders

Security expert, to homeowners: Don't make it easy for intruders

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - The targets of a recent rash of home break-ins and invasions in Northeast Ohio are miles apart and not likely related, but they do detail a disturbing trend.

Homes in Akron, Gates Mills, and Montville have been hit.

"They're going right for the bedroom, they're taking small jewelry, they did take a gun from one home," said Lt. Matt Neil. "They're not taking any big items, just what they can fit in a bag and get out."

In Montville, a cash card was taken during a break-in and quickly used at a nearby bank to make a withdrawal.

In Akron, a security camera caught an image of two armed men holding up a woman at gunpoint, shooting the family dog, and running away with $300.

"This came as a complete and total shock that this happened at all in this neighborhood because it's actually a quiet neighborhood," said neighbor Debbie Heathman said.

In Gates Mills, a woman was tied up in broad daylight while intruders ransacked her home.

Security expert Tim Dimoff says leaving doors unlocked, windows open, or having poor locks contribute to thefts.

"Criminals don't take on things that take a lot of effort," he said. "A lot of time, or a lot of resistance into entering a home -- it is usually done because we make it easy to get in."

Bottom line: make it hard by reviewing your own home security.

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