Trump befriends Westlake teen with Down Syndrome

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The president-elect was on the defense again Monday when Hollywood took a swipe at him for mocking a reporter with a physical disability. Actress Meryl Street criticized president-elect Trump in her speech at the Golden Globes Sunday night. Trump responded in a series of tweets.

A Cleveland-area businessman whose son has Down Syndrome believes criticism of Donald Trump regarding people with special needs is misguided.  His view comes from him watching Trump react in person with his son Mike during several campaign stops in the Cleveland area.

Tony George is a successful businessman who voted for Bill Clinton and Barack Obama but he disagrees with Hillary Clinton over her Syrian policy. George is Syrian. Because of that he began to consider supporting Trump but was wary of the candidate's views on people with disabilities.

Because of that doubt he brought his son to a Trump fundraiser telling his wife, "I wanna see how Donald Trump reacts." George was impressed. Both Trump and Mike Pence were at the gathering.

"I gotta tell ya, they both came over to Mike, started talking to him, paid attention to him," George added. "Trump asked to take a picture with him."

Two more meetings would follow, including one where Trump called Mike up on stage at an event and another where Trump made a beeline to Mike to say hello.

"I just saw a side of Donald Trump and so did all the people attending that fundraiser that nobody gets to see," George continued. "The guy cares, he cares about children, he cares about people with special needs.  He took time, he didn't have to."

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