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Chargers to Los Angeles: Nobody Wins

New logo of the Los Angeles Chargers (Source Twitter : @Chargers) New logo of the Los Angeles Chargers (Source Twitter : @Chargers)

Sometimes in the world of sports you have a situation in which there is no winner. That's the deal with the San Diego (oops...excuse
me) Los Angeles Chargers, who, after 56 years of support from the fans in San Diego, have bailed and relocated to Los Angeles.

The NFL commissioner can talk all he wants about the tireless efforts that failed to reach a new stadium deal in San Diego, but the fact is,
between the costs of relocation, and the money that the league would have chipped in, the Chargers could have used that billion dollars to build a new stadium and stay put.

If "L.A. Chargers" sounds familiar to you, well, you must be pushing 60, because they actually started there, in 1960, before heading south, to a fan base that over the years was just as passionate as those found in brutal weather towns like Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

I have family in San Diego. They spent their Sundays doing what Browns fans did for all of those years: turn off the phone, lock the door to the mancave, and scream at Marty Schottenheimer for failing to get his team over the top.

Now football is back in L.A.. Not one team, but two.

Two teams so bad, they actually gave the Browns and 49'ers their only wins of the season. I have a news flash for the Spanos family: football fans in L.A. didn't want you.

They barely wanted the Rams. They won't support either one of you unless you win.

So the longtime Chargers fans lose. The fans in L.A. don't care.

We're reminded once again how little fan loyalty means in the world of pro sports. The Raiders are next.

They're bailing on a phenomenal fan base and heading to Vegas. In a couple of years, the Warriors will cross the Bay Bridge and return to San Francisco, leaving behind those who supported their struggling franchise for decades before Steph Curry and Klay Thompson came along and made it chic.

Jerry Seinfeld once said 'you're rooting for laundry'. Which is true. Players will leave. That's the nature of the business.

The jerseys are supposed to remain, to be filled again by the next wave of talent that proudly reps a fan base, and a community, and in return the community rallies around the team.

Now we've seen another community have its heart ripped out. Browns fans can relate. But unlike Art Modell's move to Baltimore 22 years ago, in which at least one town came away happy, nobody won with this move. 

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