Tracking Trump's campaign promises

Tracking Trump's campaign promises

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Like any candidate, Donald Trump made a lot of promises during the campaign. The question is, can he deliver on them?

Cleveland 19 News reporter Paul Orlousky met one-on-one with Trump twice and in coming months will see if what he promised for Northeast Ohio begins to take shape.

Orlousky specifically asked Trump for solutions in four areas: jobs, education, the inner city, and Obamacare. Few specifics were provided, thus the need to track what happens in coming months.

Orlousky met with Trump backstage in October at the Spire Institute Training Center. It was a full house.

He made claims regarding NAFTA, low graduation rates, failing test scores, and inner city communities.

For some, his campaign trail promises sounded great.

How, and if, the now President Trump can deliver is what Orlousky will chart beginning at the 100-day point.

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