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New studies says women dying of cervical cancer rates much higher than thought

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Alarming statistics about the number of black women dying from cervical cancer compared to the deaths of white women. According to a new study just released by journal Cancer, black women are passing away from the disease at a 77 percent higher rate.

We've learned in this new report, previous estimates included women who had hysterectomies, and could not get cervical cancer. That skewed the overall estimates of the disease.

The study just looked at women who are at risk for cervical cancer, and the rates are much higher.

Cervical cancer is highly preventative through pap-smears and HPV vaccines.  Recent changes in how often women need screenings has confused many women.

"The discussion in this country has changed to, 'I don't need a pap smear.' Most women have translated that to 'I don't need to see my gynecologist.  I will tell you, forget about it. See a gynecologist once a year. You'll get screen appropriately," said Dr. Robert DeBernardo from the Cleveland Clinic.

Many have skipped the HPV vaccine because has been a bit controversial.

"There's been a lot of resistance to the HPV vaccine because it's sexually transmitted. It's ridiculous. You want your kids to be healthy, you want them to be educated, you want them to be successful in life. Why would you want them from having a catastrophic cancer that kills young women," Dr. DeBernardo said.

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