Brook Park councilwoman on paid leave as resignation delayed

Brook Park councilwoman on paid leave as resignation delayed

BROOK PARK, OH (WOIO) - The Brook Park city councilwoman accused of taking merchandise from area Target stores has been granted what amounts to a paid vacation.

There is currently a dispute whether Julie McCormick's resignation should take effect.

In the meantime, she has gone to court to seek a temporary restraining order to block her removal from council. Her request won't be heard until late March, and in the meantime one of the judge's conditions is McCormick take a paid leave of absence.

So in the time until the hearing, voters will be paying her without getting any representation.

The McCormick controversy began in December when she was charged in both North Olmsted and Strongsville with taking merchandise from Target stores. There was a common victim, so the cases were merged. The case became a felony and was moved to common pleas court because the loss in one
of the cases was more than $1,000. If she is convicted of a felony, she would be ineligible to serve on council, making the entire matter moot.

In advance of that, it is anticipated that plea negotiations will center on her attorney trying to have the charges reduced to a felony, or placement in a diversion program. In either case, prosecutors are likely to want some kind of concession and a resignation from council could be just that.

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