Cavs' Kevin Love to join East All Star reserves

Cavs' Kevin Love to join East All Star reserves

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The East All Star reserves have been named and Kevin Love is one of them.

He joins Isaiah Thomas, John Wall, Kyle Lowry, Kemba Walker, Paul George, and Paul Milsap. Philadelphia's Joel Embiid did not get the nod, a move some are calling a snub. I could agree with that -- there are not many bigs on that bench, but his inclusion should not have impacted Love.

Love is playing his best ball in years.

The now four-time All Star is getting over 20 points and 11 rebounds per contest and shooting nearly 38 percent from three-point territory, by far his best numbers across the board since joining the Cavaliers. He is also shooting a career-high 87 percent from the free throw line. Love needed to be on the team.

This marks the first time the Cavaliers have had three All Stars since the days of Brad Daugherty, Mark Price, and Larry Nance.

You can always listen to arguments, many of them good, on why a snubbed player should have been included over somebody that did make the squad. I do not think you can make an argument that Love did not belong on the team. This is part of the trimmings of winning the NBA Finals. High-profile franchises get the benefit of the doubt, not that there should have been any doubt about Love. He earned his way there with his play, not just with the team's trophy case.

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