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Akron thrift store opens to raise funds, help heroin addicts get clean

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Source: WOIO Source: WOIO

New Beginnings, a thrift store in Akron, has been open barely month. But it's already helping those struggling with heroin addiction.

In true grass roots style, knick knacks and second-hand clothing donations are generating much-needed funds for the battle against opioids in northeast Ohio.

The founder of Akron's Say Nope to Dope, Tugg Massa, says the program Safe Stop will provide transitional housing for the time someone is let out of detox until they are placed into treatment.

"Because that's where we are losing everyone in that little fraction of time and it's very vital. When they leave detox they go back to where they were, might be at home where they are enabled, a flop house or a drug house and so that area of time is very crucial if someone is going to stay clean," Massa said.

Waiting lists for rehab facilities aren't getting any shorter, so Massa is relieved that so far, business is good.

"Business is three times better than we expected. Donations just keep coming in. We are open six days a week. It's just been such a blessing to know that the community is behind us in such an endeavor," said Massa.

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