Love, LeBron, and the noise that won't go away

Love, LeBron, and the noise that won't go away

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - All you have to do is watch the full-court chest pass that Kevin Love threw to LeBron to set up James' incredible, off-balance game-tying shot on Monday to know that James already has a play maker by his side. In fact, he has two, and Kyrie was there to prove it in overtime once again.

In other words, LeBron may have a point that the Cavaliers need to add another play maker for a playoff run, but that doesn't mean you ship one off in the process.

That brings me to the Love-Melo trade rumor.

It won't go away, because somebody's talking. Actually, a lot of people are talking. People are feeding the media. Knicks president Phil Jackson is tweeting.

Every day there's new noise and new developments that won't let this story die.

Jackson's tweet was cryptic, referring to a recent Bleacher Report column written by Kevin Ding about Carmelo Anthony, and somebody's inability to "change their spots" (Jackson clashed with a player named Michael Graham during his CBA coaching days).

This comes just one day after Frank Isola of the Daily News wrote that LeBron's been leaning on the Cavs' front office to land Melo, even if it means trading Kevin Love. Isola's been covering the Knicks for more than twenty years. He's plugged in. And he's standing by his story, despite the fact that LeBron called the report, and reporter (Isola), "trash."

"It's trash, and the guy who wrote it is trash, too, for writing that, especially during the game like that," LeBron said, following Monday's overtime win over the Wizards.

The words LeBron used there are important, because while we locked in on the "trash" comment, Isola zeroed in on three words: "during the game." Isola believes that LeBron is upset about the timing of the story, the fact that it came out just as the Cavs were tipping off against the Wizards. Joe Vardon of, however, tweeted that LeBron was upset about the accuracy of the report, not the timing.

But mostly, LeBron and the Cavs should be upset about the noise. We may never know if LeBron really wants that trade. But we do know this: locker room issues would end another title run long before the Warriors would.

So, where do they go from here?

Well, LeBron goes back to work against the Pacers on Wednesday night. David Griffin goes back to working the phones, looking for a big man and a backup point guard. And Melo? Maybe he goes to the Clippers, or maybe he stays put. But he's not coming to Cleveland, as badly as LeBron wants his good friend here. The money doesn't work unless Love is involved, and the Cavs have insisted too many times that they're not trading him. They'd look ridiculous if they turned around and did it. Besides, they shouldn't want to. Go back and watch the win over the Wizards -- 39 points, 12 rebounds and one incredible full-court assist.

There's your play maker. Getting the job done, despite the noise.

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