Ohio AG wants violent offenders to register with county sheriffs

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - There is a surprising statistic that a study of crime in Ohio since 1974 revealed -- only 11 percent of criminals are responsible for virtually all the violent crime.

Attorney General Mike DeWine believes violent offenders need to be more strictly tracked.

"They're just set loose and there's no parole, no supervision," he said. "We really need to do a better job of getting violent offenders locked up and keeping them locked up. There's always room in our prisons and there always should be enough money to supervise somebody who is likely to rape my daughter or my wife or kill one of my children."

DeWine would like to mirror his sex offender site with a listing of violent offenders.

But has the sex offender site been effective?

"It is used enough," said DeWine, when asked by Cleveland 19 News. "We still see these guys repeat, repeat, repeat."

He encourages more use.

"I think that people should use this, if you're watching this on TV today go to our web page, type in your address and see who the sex offenders are," said DeWine.

DeWine believes the data collected from four decades of statistics tells him something.

"I think that's instructive. If we look at this and figure out, 'How do we make our communities safer?' It's going after these repeat violent offenders," DeWine said.

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