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Cyber thieves charging credit cards, stealing Kohl's Cash

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Cyber thieves are stealing people's Kohl's credit card information to stock up on hundreds of dollars of Kohl's Cash.

The unique scam surprised a Brunswick family, who arrived home to find seven giant brown packaging boxes on their front porch filled with random stuff they didn't buy. 

"There's a million ways to be hacked out there and I feel like the poster child for a lot of them," said Jim Settecase.

Settecase said he'd had his identity stolen before, but he'd never heard of a scam like the one he was soon in the middle of.

Someone stole Settecase's family's old Kohl's credit card information to buy 20 California king-size mattress covers online, which the family was charged $600 for. "I'm on the hook for this," he said. 

Meanwhile, the scammers got away with $200 in Kohl's Cash, which they simply printed off online after the order.

Settecase said his wife also got a suspicious email, which altered her that her account information had been changed online. She called Kohl's to straighten it out.

"That's when she found out that somebody hacked her account, changed her password," Settecase said. 

The family quickly discovered the cyber thieves were trying to rip them off again.

"It turns out, while they were investigating this, whoever did it was trying to put through another sale, so they stopped that one," Settecase said. 

Although Kohl's stopped the second transaction, the first purchase went through. Now, Settecase has to deal with packing the mattress covers back up and sending them back to Kohl's.

"Initially they wanted us to bring it back to the store, and I'm like, 'Really? I'm going to have to make seven trips,'" he said. 

Kohl's froze the Settecase's credit card immediately and said they will reimburse them the $600 the family was charged for the mattress covers. Kohl's sent Settecase return shipping labels and scheduled a UPS truck to come pick the boxes up. 

Cleveland 19 News reached out to Kohl's to find out more about the scam, but didn't hear back in time for publication.

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