Editorial: Style books recommend President Trump on first reference

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - With a new president, we've been getting some questions at Cleveland 19 regarding respect.

Some people have been calling and writing, asking about how we refer to President Donald Trump on the air.

We're hearing from some folks who think that calling him Mr. Trump is disrespectful. That's certainly not the goal. This is actually a question that seems to come up in the weeks after we change presidents, no matter which party they're from.

In deciding these kinds of things, news departments use something called style books. Style books have all sorts of advice on how to make sure newsrooms use language that is fair and consistent. One of the most-used style books is from the Associated Press, the largest and oldest news agency in the world. It recommends that we say President Trump the first time we mention him in a story, then simply Trump after that.

But we've chosen to go with the CBS News style book, which recommends President Trump the first time and Mr. Trump after that.

This isn't a new policy at all at Cleveland 19. It's compromise between respect for the office and how most people really talk.

Thanks for reaching out with the question. If you have questions about something you see on our air, please reach out and I'll try to get you an answer.

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