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3 things to do during a bank robbery

3 things to do to stay safe during a bank robbery

US Bank on Mayfield Road. (Source: FBI) US Bank on Mayfield Road. (Source: FBI)

The likelihood of being present for a bank robbery is increasing as more and more happen in and around Cleveland and a security expert said there are three main things to do to stay safe. 

Currently, the FBI is looking for numerous people who have robbed 14 banks since January

Here are three things to remember during a bank robbery, according to security expert Tim Dimoff.

1. Freeze. Don't move or do anything to spook the robbers.

"Abrupt actions, changing your action, saying or doing anything with your pockets or your phone can upset the robber and cause them to react in a way that they weren't planning to react. It can make them panic," Dimoff said.

2. Comply. Protect yourself by doing everything the robbers say.

"Listen to what they say. If they tell you everybody get up there against the wall, or move over there, or sit over there, then do what they say," he said.

3. Observe. Help investigators by using your eyes and ears to notice everything.

"Look at that individual from head to toe, notice unique colors in their shoes, how tall they are, how much they might weigh. If they're limping when they leave and walk," said Dimoff. 

He said he'd like to see more banks with cameras focused on the outside, that way they can match up the crowd sourced suspect descriptions with the footage of the suspects going in and coming out of the banks.

If you follow these guidelines, you'll be better off when aggressive bank robbers hit your bank.

"If you never think about that scenario, it's awful hard to react properly," said Dimoff.

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