Editorial: Cleveland Public Power's much-needed wake up call

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Carl Monday's recent investigation into city workers sleeping on the job hit a nerve with our viewers.

Tips about Cleveland Public Power employees taking power naps behind Steelyard Commons sent Cleveland 19's investigative unit out with cameras in-hand. Our team documented men and women hardly at work -- and getting paid for it -- some of them making upwards of $25 an hour.

For thousands of honest, hard-working Clevelanders stuck in the unemployment line, this footage is a slap in the face.

Equally surprising was some of the reaction on our Facebook page. One viewer wrote: "Quit hating because we can't do that on our jobs. If we could, most of us would."


Another wrote: "When you're working this kind of physically taxing job, it's OK to take a nap."

But the majority of people we've heard from are just as frustrated as we are with CPP's oversight, service, and even the admission by commissioner Ivan Henderson that customers were illegally billed millions in hidden fees for more than a decade. Some of those fees, no doubt, were part of the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on a vehicle tracking system that's designed to help supervisors keep an eye on what their employees were doing.

So why didn't they use that technology to catch their workers sleeping? Unfortunately, from what our report showed, being asleep at the wheel is a company-wide problem.

It needs to be fixed. Let's hope putting Cleveland Public Power in the spotlight will spark a much-needed wake up call.

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