Olmsted Township woman claims county project radically altered her yard

Olmsted Township woman claims county project radically altered her yard

OLMSTED TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - An Olmsted Township woman says runs a county project is radially changing the landscape of her front yard.

Janice Rager likes gardening, and she has the pictures of her yard before a railroad overpass project on Stearns Road to prove that. At one point, the yard burst with color from three large beds.

But two of the beds are gone now, replaced by things like a drainage pipe.

The landscape timbers that used to line the beds are stacked in a heap. Rager says she had no choice.

"(Cuyahoga County) told me I had to tear all of that out, they needed to use my front yard as an easement for their trucks," she said.

The overpass sits in the yard, on a steep hill created by the project. What had been flat land now is a steep slope, at least five feet high. Rager says things as simple as taking the garbage out or mowing the grass are tough. When it snows, it is impossible to tell that the driveway winds sharply without the rows of markers she's placed to mark the path.

Cars speed down the hill on Stearns, at times out of control, as witnessed by a destroyed mailbox and tire tracks on the tree lawn and driveway apron.

Oddly, a neighbor's driveway, which is equally steep, crosses onto Rager's property -- and not by a little, by several feet.

Rager said she has lists of people she's called, all to no avail.

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