Northeast Ohio start-up offers personalized wallpaper with a purpose

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MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - Ever wonder what to do with the hundreds of pictures you have stored on the cell phone you use every day, your old phone, your computer?  We might have the answer for you.

A new Northeast Ohio company,  started by a mom and her daughter, is offering personalized wall paper using your pictures.

Whatever you are passionate about, My Heart Wall helps you show it off. Whether it's family pictures, your family pet or even children's books, you can put it all on display with this custom wallpaper.

 "As long as there is heart in the project, I think you can't go wrong," said Kathy Vegh, the mom behind the new start-up.

The idea began about two years ago, inside her new home. She needed something special for a focal wall. So, she found someone with big printers and asked if they could do wallpaper.

 "I put this amazing wall up, my husband who is tough as nails is crying," said Vegh. "Every contractor in the house is like, can I take a picture of that, where'd you get that, that's amazing."

 About a year later, My Heart Wall was born.  The business operates entirely online. You make your style selections and upload your pictures. The cost is about $10-12 dollars a square foot. It takes about three weeks to get your order.

 "Typically the reaction is tears of joy, which I love," said Vegh.

 But what Kathy loves even more is that My Heart Wall is more than just a business.

"This child is just filled with joy," she said.

 Kathy's daughter was born with a congenital heart defect.

 "Your whole life changes the minute you hear there's something wrong with your child's heart," she said.

 At eight days old, her daughter had open heart surgery. And while today she is a healthy 4-year-old, Kathy will never forget how that changed her.

 "Every day there's just a celebration of her," said Vegh.

Nearly 1 in 100 children in the U.S. are diagnosed with CHD. So for every my heart wall purchase, five percent of the proceeds will go to children's heart hospitals, foundations or support centers.

"How special it is, knowing how we can really help this community," said Vegh.

Vegh says she is raising awareness about a cause near and dear to her heart by showing off what's near and dear to yours.

The four charities that My Heart Wall supports are Texas Children's Hospital, where Kathy's daughter had her surgery, Ronald McDonald House, Cleveland Clinic Children's Pediatric Cardiology and the Children's Heart Foundation.

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