No DQ employees injured after manager shoots armed robbery suspect

No DQ employees injured after manager shoots armed robbery suspect

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - An employee at a Dairy Queen in Mayfield Heights recently shot an armed robbery suspect.

The offender entered the restaurant at 5713 Mayfield Road around 10:20 Sunday night, police said. An official with Dairy Queen says the man entered through a back door and grabbed female employee.

When the assistant manager heard her scream, he pulled his gun and shot the offender once, the official said. That's when the offender ran away. Mayfield police located him hours later near Interstate 271. The offender was taken to Hillcrest Hospital and treated for a non-life-threatening injury.

No employees were injured.

The Dairy Queen official says the company does not have a specific gun policy for its employees. Cleveland 19 did not see any CCW signs prohibiting guns on the doors of the Mayfield Heights store. The Dairy Queen official said it will be up to the Mayfield Heights store owner if or how the employee will be disciplined, though he does not foresee him getting fired.

A neighbor who asked to remain anonymous says she's relieved the employee was prepared.

"It was good too that he was able to take care of the incident there. So I feel a little safer," she said.

Mayfield police are still investigating.

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