East side home riddled with bullets after 'heartless' Sunday shooting

East side home riddled with bullets after 'heartless' Sunday shooting

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Boom. Boom. Boom. When a dozen shots fired into the home of one east side resident, she said the sound of the gunfire was so loud it was unbelievable.

The shooting happened around 2:30 a.m. Sunday. Lanisha Underwood, who lives near Central, says bullet holes can be seen from across the street.

"It gets worse," she said. "There are bullet holes (throughout) the first floor, including the bathroom."

Her fish tank was even hit, and all the fish died because the water went all over the floor.

At the time of the incident, Underwood's four children were in their beds, asleep. She said they hit the floor as soon as they heard gunshots.

"I dived on the floor," her 16-year-old daughter said. "I hit my face on the dresser."

They were afraid to go downstairs until police arrived. When they did, there was shattered glass, bullet slugs, and water everywhere.

"These bullet holes are for real," said Underwood. "I don't live like this."

At the front door, bullets sprayed the shoes of 8-year-old Kamarla. She needs braces for her leg -- she's had a kidney removed as well as heart surgery.

"(My heart) beats real fast when I'm scared," she said.

Underwood said she had no idea why there are 12 bullet holes in her home.

"I'm not out there robbing, I'm not out there stealing from anybody," she said. "I'm not trying to hurt anybody. Everything I work for, I get out of mud. For me to wake up and see this -- it's wrong. And whoever you are out there, you need to get your life right. Because I've got four kids. You could have taken any of my kids from me. You people are heartless."

Underwood's home is part of the Cleveland Housing Authority. Cleveland 19 reached out to them and left a message. The same for Cleveland Councilwoman Phyliss Cleveland. Underwood's home is in her ward. Neither call was returned in time for publication.

Underwood said Monday evening she can't clean up until police return and take pictures.

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