Does surveillance video show Euclid police chase continue after a man was killed?

EUCLID, OH (WOIO) - The family of a hit-skip victim in Euclid is asking questions about a surveillance tape that recently surfaced.

Police say Morris Walker, 35, was killed in the crash earlier this year as he was possibly crossing the street at 19691 Euclid Avenue. The family says the video calls into question the point at which Euclid police called off their pursuit of the suspect that hit and killed him.

Police have been searching for the driver of a 2002-2007 Royal Blue Porsche Cayenne SUV with dark tinted windows ever since the incident.

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Police claim they had engaged in a police chase of that vehicle before the hit-skip occurred, but they had called off their pursuit well before Walker was killed.

The new surveillance tape comes from a home located along Euclid Avenue, near the scene of the accident. It seems to show police vehicles pursuing someone.

Earl Ghaster, the attorney for the family of Morris Walker, says the video shows police pursuing the suspect's vehicle very close to where the hit-skip took place.

"It appears to be an ongoing fleeing and pursuing being done by the Euclid Police at a location that is roughly 500 feet from where the actual accident took place some seconds later," said Ghaster. "That video would seem to be inconsistent with that narrative."

The video shows a Blue Porsche passing the camera about fourblocks before where Morris Walker was hit.  About 13 seconds later an unmarked Euclid cruiser goes by, also traveling faster than other traffic.

15 or so seconds later two cruisers with lights flashing go past.  For Ghaster it raises questions about the chase being called off as police claim. There is the question of when a police chase ends.

Even if the lights, sirens and pursuit stop, it is illogical to think that a suspect is going to slow down.  He or she wants as much distance between the police and them.

That's out of the hands of the police. Officers will conduct a thorough investigation and report findings when appropriate. For now the important thing is the search for that Royal Blue Porsche with front end damage, dark tinted windows and a missing drivers side mirror.

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