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What do you do if you win the $400 million Powerball jackpot?

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Tonight's Powerball jackpot is up to $403 million.

When lottery players belly up to the cash register to buy a ticket, they are often times torn between a quick pick and a ticket where they hand picked the numbers. Danielle Frizzi-Babb, the Deputy Director of Communications for the Ohio Lottery, says 79 percent of the tickets purchased are auto pick,and that most players who win purchased an auto pick ticket.

"In Ohio, about 79 percent of the tickets purchased are auto pick - it's totally random," she said. "So, in a way, it's a good way to do it, but I will tell you, the last Powerball jackpot that was won here in Ohio, the winner picked the numbers herself. So, you just don't know. Maybe you take an auto pick and you pick some numbers on your own and see what is luckier."

Players are sometimes also questioning whether one location is luckier than another. The answer to that is some locations sell more tickets and therefore, have higher chances of bringing in a winner.

What do you do if you win?

"We always tell people listen, if you have a winning ticket, be sure that you sign the back of it, put it in a safe place," said Frizzi-Babb. "Don't put it where someone else can pick it up. Don't forget about it in the glove box of your car because that has happened."

You have 180 days to claim your winnings. You should talk to an attorney or a financial planner and then go to lottery office to claim your prize, if you win.

The cash option for this jackpot is $243.9 million. If you don't win, don't throw your ticket away, you can use it to enter a sweepstakes to win a Powerball Power Cruise Thru My lottery rewards program.

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