Want to file a claim for pothole damage? Here's how

Want to file a claim for pothole damage? Here's how

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The city of Cleveland said they're patching potholes as quickly as possible, but there are still problem spots damaging driver's cars.

"When I hit the pothole, I hit it with this tire," said driver Nicholas Rolin.

He said his entire car shook and he heard a loud boom the moment he hit a giant pothole on the 3200 block of West 140th Feb. 9.

"I've never heard my car make that kind of a loud noise before," Rolin said.

Right away, Rolin noticed the alignment on his brand new car, with less than 1,500 miles, was off. He went straight to the repair shop.

"It was almost $100 for me," he said.

It's money Rolin hopes to get back. He reached out to the City of Cleveland and submitted a pothole incident claim form.

"You need to turn in various documents, everything from insurance policy to registration, proof of ownership and title," he said.

According to the City of Cleveland's website, the city is not responsible for damages caused by potholes if it did not know about the potholes and have a chance to fix it before the damage occurred.

Rolin believes the city knew about the spot he hit for quite a while.

"I did a little bit of research and found out the area had been a problem area since the beginning of 2015," he said.

The city has 10 to 12 crews per day working to repair potholes across the city, weather permitting. Main streets and secondary mains are the priority at this time, though local low volume, low speed streets will be systematically repaired after the main thoroughfares. In fact, Wednesday afternoon crews patched the spot Rolin ran into earlier this month.

"(The mechanic) said the tire actually folded over and was pushed all the way into the wheel from how hard of an impact it was," Rolin said.

Residents can report potholes to 216-664-2510, and they can then be added to the schedule for repair. Individuals may file a claim if their vehicles are damaged.  There are instructions and a claim form here.

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