School hopes adding coffee bar will lead to more students drinking milk

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A new coffee bar is calling Mayfield High School home. Cat's Coffee Bar is now a reality thanks in part to the Mayfield Food Service Department and intern Brian Starick, who is studying food and nutrition at the University of Alabama.

"We worked together to get the attention of the American Dairy Association which turned into a $5,000 grant from the Dairy Association," said Starick.

School leaders said this is another way to promote a healthy breakfast before the school day.The coffee bar sells around 300 cups of coffee a day.

Each cup of coffee is about 60 calories and is filled with low-fat milk along with unsweetened flavored syrups. 

"We thought about ways to increase the milk consumption of high school aged students and look around you see a whole lot of coffee walking through the halls," Starick said.

Starick hopes this will lead to more kids eating breakfast. Director of Food/Nutrition at Mayfield City Schools Robin Smeal said a lot of students skip breakfast.

"We found through our research coffee drinks, predominantly iced-coffee drinks are one of the only ways students this age group drink milk," Smeal said.

Each iced-coffee drink at the school has half of cup of milk in it.

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