Teacher in Highland Hills accused of hitting student with book

HIGHLAND HILLS, OH (WOIO) - A local mom is not happy with her son's preschool teacher. She says the teacher hit her 5-year-old with a book.

"What could he have possibly have done for you to hit him and think that it was OK?" said Asia Hall.

Hall says the incident happened Feb. 15 at Green Road Head Start in Highland Hills. The boy's father was in the hallway at the time, and heard his son cry out.

"For him to cry? It must have been a hit for him to be crying," he said.

The mother of two says she tried talking to the school's administrators about the incident, but felt they didn't take her concerns seriously.

"The site administrator came and told me oh we talked to her and had a little conversation and she said that she 'tapped' him. Tapped and hit is the same thing to me," said Hall.

Hall filed a report with The Village of Highland Hills Police Department and it is now investigating the allegations.

No one at Green Road Head Start and no one would comment on camera about the situation.

The boy's mother fears there will be retaliation that could hurt her son. She doesn't want the teacher to lose her job but wants her to recognize the weight of her actions.

"I want her to be disciplined, obviously," she said.

Cleveland 19 put in calls to the Council for Economic Opportunities but no one would speak about the allegations.

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