Landlord unable to remove tenants, calls them 'squatters'

CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - A house on Sherry Avenue in Cleveland has fallen into disrepair.

The couple living there doesn't own the property and the actual owner can't get them to leave. A Google Earth street view of what the house looked like in 2011 shows it was average for the neighborhood. On Thursday, however, it was a mess. The aluminum awning and landscaping gone, a plate glass widow broken open, roof shingles were missing, and a mess hidden from view sat in the garage.

"It's just full of garbage and I've seen mice on the street," said neighbor Sandy Schweter, describing the garage.

Neighbor Cassie Glover is frustrated.

"We called the city of Cleveland," she said. "The city of Cleveland won't do anything."

Other neighbors report five police cars were at the home Wednesday, but according to Schweter, nothing was done.

"Every neighbor on the street has told them there are squatters there and they always tell them to mind our own business," she said.

Victoria Rose lives in the home with Sean Frame. She took issue with questions from Cleveland 19.

"If you don't want to be on TV all you have to do is walk inside the house," said reporter Paul Orlousky on Thursday.

"So you guys cannot video tape my house then, flat out," Rose replied.

Frame came out to see what was happening. He confirmed the utilities have been shut off for months and the garage is indeed full of garbage.

"I was repossessing cars when I got out of jail, and she worked for Rally's. Plus, we just got rid of the kids," Frame said.

Rose then lashed out angrily from the porch.

"This ain't my (expletive) house, this has nothing to do with me," she said.

Neighbors said everything from the front awning to bathroom fixtures have been sold. Rose and Frame confirm they are gone, but blame the landlord
for that as well as all the damage. Landlord John Knispel denies that and says Rose and Frame are responsible for the damage, and that they sold everything from bathroom fixtures to the furnace.

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