Ohio Highway Patrol makes 'extra push' to enforce Move Over Law

Ohio Highway Patrol makes 'extra push' to enforce Move Over Law

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers are reminding drivers to move over when they're on the highway and see an emergency vehicle stopped up ahead with its flashing lights on.

Under state law, drivers must move over to another lane if they are on a 2-way or more lane highway.

If you cannot get over, under the law you must slow down.

"As soon as you see lights, try to change lanes," said Sgt. Jonathan DeWitt, a state trooper based in Canton.

February is "failure to yield month." Sgt. DeWitt says the Move Over Law falls into that category, and they are enacting an extra push to enforce the law.

Two law enforcement officers in the Cleveland area were struck and killed on I-90 recently when drivers did not move over or slow down.

OSHP Trooper Kenneth Velez and Cleveland Police Officer David Fahey lost their lives.

Troopers are enforcing blatant violations of the law.

Sgt. DeWitt says in a recent period of two days, he and two other troopers pulled over 56 drivers in the Canton area for violating the Move Over Law.

Drivers face a penalty similar to a speeding ticket if they violate the law.

If they already have a ticket on their record in this calendar year, they face a misdemeanor of the fourth degree and higher fines.

Troopers hope this campaign brings awareness to the law, which was enacted in 2009.

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