Shelby Miller trains for the Cleveland Marathon: Week 6

Shelby Miller trains for the Cleveland Marathon: Week 6

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - We're getting near the end of week 6 of training for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, which means there are just 12 short weeks to go!

For some reason, this week's mileage is quite a bit less than last week's, but that's fine with me. Runs during the week varied between three and five miles. Sunday's long run will be nine miles (whereas the last couple week's long weekend runs were more than 10 miles).

Here's what the plan this week looks like (I switched up a couple days, and couldn't resist going out on a run Friday because the weather was UNREAL):

  • Monday: Cross train
  • Tuesday: 3 mile run
  • Wednesday: 5 mile run
  • Thursday: 3 mile run
  • Friday: Active rest
  • Saturday: 5 mile run
  • Sunday: 9 mile run

As I mentioned above, the weather has been gorgeous! It's been nice to get outside and run in shorts and short sleeve shirts for the first time in months. I know Friday is the last day of nice weather (77 degrees!), but at least it was good while we had it.

In case you didn't see, this year's course map just came out last week. I finally got a chance to look at it and see where we will be running. The good news is the route is relatively flat and fast. It looks like it goes starts in Cleveland, runs through downtown and then by Lake Erie out to Lakewood and Rocky River.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out on Facebook and Twitter!


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