UPDATE: Cleveland Bomb Squad helped inspect kidnapping suspect's downtown residence

Michael Ribaudo (Source: Willoughby Police)
Michael Ribaudo (Source: Willoughby Police)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Police Bomb Squad trucks were on scene in the area of East 12th Street and Chester Avenue on Saturday.

A resident of the Sphere Apartments said the 8th floor was evacuated. The resident said he doesn't know why the 8th floor was evacuated.

Surrounding buildings in the area were not evacuated. This incident was connected to a Willoughby Police Department investigation.


Willoughby Police say they were investigating the 31-year-old Michael Ribaudo's apartment. This comes after Ribaudo was arrested hours earlier on suspicions of kidnapping several family members.

In the press release from Willoughby Police, Ribaudo planned dinner with his 72-year-old father at his Willoughby home on Friday night. He assaulted his father with chloroform, eventually bounding and gagging him. Once Ribaudo left his father's house, he went to his 65-year-old mother's house, also in Willoughby. Ribaudo convinced his mother to go to his father's house, where he handcuffed her to a support post in the basement. Ribaudo then lured his 59-year-old aunt to his father's basement, handcuffing her with the mother.

Ribaudo's aunt was eventually able to escape and call 911. Investigators found numerous tools, handcuffs and zip ties in the father's basement.

Ribaudo was found sleeping inside of his car at 4 a.m. on Saturday in the Eastlake Walmart parking lot. He was detained and taken into the Willoughby Police Department for further questioning.

Among further investigation, police learned that Michael Ribaudo was involved in a suspicious situation at Regal Cinemas in Willoughby a few days beforehand. Police believe Ribaudo walked into the movie theater, asked employees when the busiest time was, then asked what the most popular movie showing was, and then walked out to his car. Investigators linked Ribaudo to this report because of the car's license plate.

Michael Ribaudo will be held at the Willoughby City Jail pending an arraignment at the Willoughby Municipal Court. Michael Ribaudo will be charged with kidnapping, a 2nd degree Felony. Other criminal charges could be forthcoming. The incident is currently under further investigation.

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