Construction underway on Cedar Point's new water park

Construction underway on Cedar Point's new water park

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cedar Point posted pictures Monday of the construction for the update for their Soak City water park, which will gain 18 acres of new rides, restaurants and shops and be renamed Cedar Point Shores for the summer of 2017.

The three rides start with the Point Plummet, a six-story-tall body slide that starts with the floor falling out from under the four riders and a nearly vertical free fall.

The second is the Starboard Surge & Portside Plunge, which are two, five-story tube slides attached to the Point Plummet that can take single riders or pairs.

The third is Lakeslide Landing, which is made up of 12, kid-sized water slides, giving parents a chance to relax while their kids play.

New food options include the Crystal Rock Café, which has flat breads, salads and more, as well as a dedicated food and beverage service at the new cabanas, which also feature free Wi-Fi, charging stations, TVs and more.

Cedar Point also announced Monday that Melt Bar & Grilled would be opening a new location in the park over Memorial Day weekend.

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