Pothole problem: 'Travel at your own risk' signs hang in area village

BRADY LAKE, OH (WOIO) - Winter always takes its toll on northeast Ohio streets. But the roads are so bad in one local community, there is no way people can stay in their lanes.

Drivers in Brady Lake (east of Kent State University's campus) weave and dodge and slow down trying to avoid a big repair bill -- Cox Avenue is in a particularly poor state.

"The cops can't really ticket people in Brady Lake because you can't go fast enough," said resident Gabe Bogan, who travels Cox Avenue on a daily basis.

Bogan likes to joke about the bad streets, but he says his friend won't even come over.

"They all have low-riding cars, and it's just going to destroy their cars," he said.

Another Brady Lake resident, Cheryl Green, wobbled down Cox Avenue in her car Monday.

"I wish I could draw cartoons, because it's a big joke -- cars going up and down, up and down," she said.

Green doesn't like them.

"I feel it's actually a dangerous situation -- hard on the car," she said.

Right at Brady Lake Village Town Hall, there are plenty of signs to advise drivers: 25 mph, No Parking, Community Crime Watch, and even Travel At Your Own Risk.

The question is, why haven't streets been repaved or at least patched? The answer, according to a source at the town hall, the state reduced its tax returns to Brady Lake by $60,000. The town, with fewer than 500 residents, is hard hit for cash.

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