Sources say two suspects in police standoff are brothers

Sources say two suspects in police standoff are brothers
Source: WOIO

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Two men who started an hours-long standoff with Cleveland police early Tuesday morning are brothers, sources said.

The incident happened near Magic City Lounge at 2309 St. Clair Avenue.

Officers on foot patrol observed four people in a car parked near the Cleveland club around 1:30 a.m., according to police.  They said one of the people appeared to be holding a bag of drugs. The officers ordered the people out of the car. The man and a woman in the back seat exited the car, but the driver and front seat passenger refused to get out, and police said they had a gun.

The Cleveland and Cuyahoga County SWAT teams were called to assist with negotiations. Witnesses on scene described yelling between the police and the men involved.

"It was kind of chaotic. I walked out of the strip club -- the bar -- and as soon as I came out all I see is police everywhere," said Francell Ford.

Ford said he had been in the Magic City Lounge for a birthday party and was just trying to leave but was unable to get his car, which was parked behind the suspect's car.  He spoke to Cleveland 19 after noon on Tuesday, when the road was reopened to traffic and he was able to get his car.

He said he stood at the corner, about 50 feet away from the suspect's vehicle, and heard the driver yell at police.

"He hollered out, he rolled his window down and hollered out the window, 'I'm gonna kill myself if y'all don't get away from the car!' That was the last thing I heard," said Ford.

Cleveland 19 spoke to a dancer who said she was working inside when everything happened. She didn't want to provide her name, but said she wasn't allowed to leave the club while the standoff was going on.

"(I'm) nervous when stuff like this happens because people don't know how to aim, to shoot, and anybody could have gotten shot just right there by standing outside. So I (didn't) want to come outside, but I didn't want to be in there, either," she said.

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said officers tried to get the two people in the front seats out of the car.

Police said they contacted at least one relative to try to convince the pair out of the vehicle, but it didn't work. Williams said when police tried to approach the vehicle, the suspects fired their weapons. At one point, one of the men exited the vehicle and again fired his weapon, said Williams. He said that police were shot at multiple times before they returned fire.

A 45-year-old SWAT officer was grazed and suffered a wound to his leg. Cleveland 19 was told he was treated and released from the hospital.

One suspect was shot multiple times and fell outside of the vehicle with a gun nearby, police said. A robot was used to retrieve the suspect's gun.

Police said the standoff ended around 7:30 a.m. with the two men transported to MetroHealth Medical Center, both with gunshot wounds. The last update provided on the suspects were that both were in surgery. The identities of anyone in the vehicle have not yet been released.

Police said that the two people who got out of the car immediately were arrested.

Police have not yet said what charges the four people in the car may face, but a news release referred to the incident as both a felonious assault shooting and a felonious assault on a peace officer.

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