Westview Elementary School students publish, sign bullying book

AVON LAKE, OH (WOIO) - Students from Westview Elementary School in Avon Lake held a special book signing event on Tuesday morning.

A group of first grade students from teacher Liz Baker's class published a book on the issues in society with bullying. The book gave the students an opportunity to learn about bullying and educate others.

Baker said there are lots of books available that deal with bullying. She added, "The goal of the book was for the students to make it more personal. I asked the students questions like, 'what would they do if they saw someone being bullied?' or 'how would they stand up to a bully?"

The students provided responses to those questions and decorated their own pages to contribute to the book.

The book signing party was part of a school-wide bullying assembly. Following the assembly, the first grade students took turns reading their contributions to parents.

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