Akron legislation would give crossing guards authority to report drivers that put children at risk

Akron legislation would give crossing guards authority to report drivers that put children at risk

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Akron City Council has heard legislation that would give crossing guards the authority to report a license tag number, a description of a driver and vehicle, and have that information be used to cite a driver.

Tony Swain's 6-year-old little sister says her hero brother saved her live as they were in the crosswalk heading to school 12 years ago.

"He pushed me out of the way," she said.

Tammy Moody has only lived on Hammel Avenue for a couple of years. But her grandmother, who now lives is Florida, told her about the day little Tony -- 10 at the time -- was killed.

"There have been officers out here, but they can't be out here 24/7," Moody said.

Moody lives a few yards from where the deadly hit skip occurred in 2005. It appears little has changed since Tony was run down in the crosswalk at Lovers Lane and Hammel, as he and his sister were walking to Glover Elementary School.

"I see cars every day either not stopping, running the red light or when the crossing guards comes out she has to yell and scream at them, hold the sign up, tell them to stop," Moody said. "They don't want to stop."

A man there to witness the aftermath of Tony being hit says the driver just kept going.

"To see the 10-year-old boy laying there was heart wrenching for me," he told Cleveland 19.

Now, neighbors hope the new legislation, if passed, will give speeders and those who disregard the instructions of a crossing guard a warning: slow down or stop or you will pay the price.

Barbara Powe was at home when Tony got hit and killed in this crosswalk. Se is still concerned that the hit skip driver has never been caught.

"I have grand kids of my own, greats also. So, it might make a difference," Power said. "I hope so, anyway."

Akron police says the 130 crossing guards it supervises can no be an extra set of eye and ears to assist them. If the Tony Swain legislation passes it will give crossing guards the same authority and weight to report those who put children at risk as bus drivers have.

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